Hey there, thanks for stopping by!  


I've always had a love for photography since I was a child, but once I bought my first DSLR I couldn't put it down and my love for photography blossomed even more.  I dove head first into the internet to learn everything I could and self taught myself all there was to learn about photography and navigating my camera.  Combing that with my degree in computer science multimedia I found a love for creating art through photography and SBP was formed in 2011.  While growing my business and raising my family I also taught preschool for 11 years before leaving in 2020 to just focus on my photography.  I've upgraded my equipment several times over the years and continue to learn new things.  I believe in continuously learning and improving to evolve, while still staying true to myself and my style.  I enjoy getting to meet new people and create something with them and watching loyal clients grow over the years. 


In my personal life I'm married to my biggest supporter and we have 3 beautiful daughters, both inside and out.  My twins Hannah & Emily are 20 yrs. old and in college and my youngest Kylie is 12 and keeps us on our toes with her sports and social activities.  We also have 4 fur babies, 2 cats Raven and Taffy and 2 dogs Cash & Holly.  Aside from photography I love being with friends and family and traveling.  I run a few miles almost every day to stay active.  When I find time and I'm not taking pictures or editing I enjoy cooking, baking, planting, and reading.

I hope to see you soon to create something beautiful & fun together.